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About The Oculofacial Surgery and Cosmetic Laser Institute

We offer a full range of facial rejuvenation services from non-invasive photofacials to minimally invasive procedures such as fillers, neurotoxins, and laser skin resurfacing in addition to surgery which allows for a multifaceted approach to the anti-aging process.

Photofacials allow for a targeted approach to improve pigmentation, vessels, and overall skin tone and texture. Minimally invasive injectable fillers and neurotoxins allow for a synergistic approach to wrinkles and collagen stimulation to soften age lines and stimulate collagen production. Laser skin resurfacing erases wrinkles and is used in conjunction with oculofacial surgical procedures.

We use medical-grade skin care to maintain the effects of surgical procedures to rehydrate and restore collagen for youthful skin. We have presented and served as a panel member, speaker, and instructor at national meetings, and are passionate about bringing reconstruction and aesthetic services to the greater Tampa area.

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Dr. Roshni Ranjit-Reeves – GOLD Award Winner
Best Cosmetic Surgeon

2022 Tampa Bay Times BEST of the BEST People’s Choice Awards.